The specialist of flexible tanks in France

Since 80 years, Reynaud Cauvin-Yvose puts all of its energy and expertise in the development of technical textiles that contributes to the protection and the securing of men and goods.

Off-ground fire fighting reservoir

Off-ground fire fighting reservoir economical and easy to install without work or building permit. See this fire fighting reservoir

Reservoir with frost protection system

Fire fighting reservoir with an “esse” frost protection system for an optimum use during freezing temperatures. See this fire fighting reservoir

Reservoir with fire hydrant system

Fire fighting reservoir with a blue fire hydrant where fire services can connect their equipments. See this fire fighting reservoir

Why choose a fire fighting reservoir RCY ?

RCY produces in France

Small family company created in 1933, RCY is specialist in the making of technical textiles. Since the beginning RCY expands to new products and new markets, and reaches 30 people its production site in Louhans (Saône et Loire, France).

Security and reliability

Our three systems of fire fighting reservoir are approuved by SDIS and are in concnrdance with applicable standards in fire fighting.

Quality of fabrics

Our fire fighting reservoirs are made in a technical textile of 1300 g/m² which has a high tenacity polyester yarns framework covered by a PVC coating. It gives high resistance and lifetime. The fabric has also anti UV’s treatment and is 100% recyclable.

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